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BT1500 - Battery Powered Energizer

  • Stored energy: 1.5 Joules.
  • Sutable for permanent or portable.
  • Sutable for permanent or portable fencesup to 1km of multi-wire fencing.
  • Indicator light flashes for every output pulse.
  • Tough, high impact and UV resistant case.
  • Uses 12 volt deep cycle rechargeable battery.
  • Ideal for farms up to 5 acres.
Battery Charger
Ratting: 12V, 5A


  • Indication for Battery high condition.
  • Indication for battery high or low sown in meter.

Note: Do not connect the charger permanently to the battery as it may cause electrical hazards.

Solar PV Modules

  • High performance solar modules.
  • Solar panel system designed with easy of usein mind.
  • A maintenance free solution for permanent fencing.
  • Varied watt ratings available to charge batteries of different AH ratings.
  • 10 years warranty.
  • Mono-crystalline panels for reliability.
Low Loss Batteries

  • 12 Volt deep Cycle /Low loss rechargeable battery (Lead Acid).
  • 60AH and 88AH batteries arerecommended for usewith chargers
  • 45AH and 90AH low maintenanace batteriesrecommended for solar units.
Bullnose Insulators

  • Insulators can be classified eother by the material usedor the purpose for which they are installed. There areseveral factorswhich have to be adhered to with respect to insulator.
  • They must havehigh electrical resistance
  • Water should run off from the insulator- smooth and tapered hole
  • They will be able to carry long strains
  • Should have very high break down voltage value
CP Strain- Black

  • Made from sunlight resistant copolymer plastic.
  • Large tracking distance minimises power leakage.
  • Ensure strain is from centre of insulator when tying.
  • Suitable for short strains.
  • Suitable for tensions up to 113.5kg (250lb).

  • Insulators can be classified either by the materials used or the purposefor which they are installed.
  • There are several factorswhich have to be adhered to with respect to insulator
  • Water should run off from the insulator-smooth and taperedhole
  • They will be able to carry long strains
  • Fine resistant where applicable
  • Should have very high break down voltage value
Permanent Wire Tightener

  • A permanent wire strainer.
  • Strong, lightweight, rust resistant construction.
  • Can be used with Permanent Wire Tightener Handle
  • Ideal for straining olf fences
  • No need to cut wire before straining
  • Canbe used to join wires
Earthing System

  • Provides effective earthing(grounding), perticularly in difficult or poor earthing soils
  • e.g. sandy, pumice, stoney ash. The salt attracts the moisture and the absorbent cly holds moisture and increases the conductivity of surrounding soil
Permanent Wire Tightener Handle

  • For use with permanent Wire tig Low Cost and simple to use. Can be used to tighten or loosen Tighteners
Warning Sign

  • For use on boundaries and where fence is next to public areas
  • Legal requirement to display a warning sign at frequent intervals where public have access to fence
  • Special made to order wording availabe on request
Noon Tester

  • 5 Neon indicator lights show approximate voltage readings Excellent:
  • Greater than 4800V
  • Good :3800->4800V
  • Fair :2500->3800V
  • Poor :1800->2500V
  • Very Poor :1000->1800V
  • No loghts :less than 1000v
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